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Pickpic is a set of self written internet applications developed to help graphic designers who want to work in an environment based on peer-to-peer collaboration.

Pickpic is not meant as a replacement of the traditional graphic design softwares but as a cross-platform layers that can be applied on top of such a tools.

Pickpic is a web platform and a Firefox extensions that help a team of designers creating a common space for sharing ideas, works and visual references.

Pickpic is not another social web platform, entirely open source can be fully downloaded and installed on every server running Django.

All the materials are collected anonymously. The users are only aware of who is working on the project with them but none comment, image or work can be linked to its author. This help building the idea of a collective ownership and set all the resources free from the influence of their author.

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The Project-Board:^

The Project-Board is a space for discussing the main aspects of a project. On this board the user can have a general overview of the project, being able to check at the same time a preview of the image-board and of the work-board.

On the project board the users can leave a note about the project or comment on the notes previously left on the board.

From the project board is possible to access all the different subsections of the project: the chat, the image-board and the work board.

The Image-Board:^

On the Image-Board the users can share their visual references on a common space. Everyone deserves the same rights on the material posted to the board: everyone is able to tag, comment or even to delete everything have been posted on the board.

The images collected on the image board are organized in categories, a set of choices that cover most of the aspects that need to be considered while developing a graphic design project.

Images can also be tagged by all the users, in case they retain an image relevant for some aspects that are not mentioned in the categories

All the images on the board can be 're-picked'. Re-picking helps the group selecting among the others the images they retain more appropriate for a further development.

The Firefox Extension^

Starting from the assumption that great part of the visual research before starting a project is done surfing the internet, this Firefox extension allows the users to post an image directly to one of his/her Image-Board while browsing.

Setting the extension with the same data used to log in on the web platform users are able to post, comment, categorize and tag an image without leaving the page where the image was found.

The Work-Board^

On the Work-Board the users can submit their work to the group. Once the work is uploaded everyone can download it in order to further develop it. As happens on the Image-Board everyone is also allow to comment and tag all the other works.

At the moment of uploading a new proposals the user is asked to specify a 'session'. Organizing works in sessions helps the group keeping track of the different phases of the project.

The IRC Chat^

The IRC-Chat specific of one project is automatically generate from the Project-Board. This is particularly useful when different designers work together from remote locations.

The IRC-Chat is especially meant for quick discussions, real time notifications and brainstorming.

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